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The Origin Way

When he decides to begin a new way,

after he has been in the middle of one.

A one he did not choose.

Until he decided to begin,

the Origin Way.

An 803 km / 18 days thru-hike walking expedition. From Aomori Prefecture to the capital Tokyo, Japan. December 25, 2016 ~ January 9, 2017.

Laws & Regulations


It is the spine and essence of this path. We trust it to be our wise teacher.


  • Silence throughout the journey and refining from making any sounds.

  • In some rare cases and when an alert or call is urgently required, the accompanied whistle is used.

Sleeping in the wild is our way to live with the road.


  • The main method for sleeping throughout the journey will be in the accompanied tent and sleeping bag in the wild and on the roadside.

  • Not to depend on enclosed buildings, such as homes, hotels, guest-houses, etc.


The Wise Man's Guide

  • My son, do warm-up and stretch every morning and evening before and after your walking. It's your body, your vehicle, keep it well maintained to serve you well in your journey.

  • Take careful care of your sleep, it is your recharge for the next day.

  • Stay away, son, from what is harmful from food, it may tempt you to look good and delicious, but it will topple you to lethargy, laziness, and irritable mood. And know that in refining from doing so there are two pleasures, 1. the please of being light with energy, and 2. the sense of responsibility. You've taken good care of yourself.

  • All the hardship in this journey is a learning opportunity.  Contemplate that and grow with it.

  • When you feel the pain, learn how to accept it, and live with it. Otherwise, it will haunt and disturb you throughout the journey.




You're walking it means you exist, nothing scares you out of this world at that moment.

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