Albara Alohali & Dahoom Ba-Adheem ــ The Origin Way 2016

A Project and a lifestyle that revolves around the concept of spending time effectively.

The RAKUDA Elements

of spending time

By applying these elements into our lifestyles at varying concentrations, the Rakudees maintain their balance, develop their lifestyles, and deepen their connection in various fields where they have chosen to spend their time in.


A time spent with the self, and what it aspires to.


A time spent in connecting with the body, mind, and nature.


A time spent in producing value for sustainability.

Effectiveness according to the Rakudee's is manifested from the below core values:


A time spent in maintaining health and wellbeing.


A time spent evolving and progressing the self.



A time spent in telling stories that express the human experience and inspire curiosity & engagement.


A time spent in sharing value with other humans.


What does RAKUDA mean?

Rakuda ラクダ is the Japanese word for Camel. 
We named the project after the Camel because it resembles our vision in; traveling over long roads, self-sufficiency, and adapting to the surrounding environment. These habits are some of what we aspire to achieve. These, of course, and a lot more.. 

A time spent in upgrading a skill or deepening knowledge.


A time spent in pure joy and entertainment.

Where and when did RAKUDA start?

It all started a few weeks before our first thru-hike in Nagoya, Japan, 2016. Back then, RAKUDA was just a code name for a project where we meet every once in a while for a thru-hike adventure. Today, we are taking it to a new chapter and transforming it into a lifestyle design project in which we find through it a sustainable way to improve each day and spend our time effectively. 


A time spent in maintaining the self, health, and the surrounding environment.


A time spent in connecting with close family & friends.

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